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Pimp My CartPimp My Cart
"Pimp My Ride" goes homeless.
Clicks [8008]

Wiener WorkWiener Work
This dog is sure to crack you up.
Clicks [5202]

Scantily Clad Hot ChickScantily Clad Hot Chick
Deceptively hot chick wearing very little.
Clicks [10657]

K-Fee: A nice relaxing german commercial for an energy drinkK-Fee: A nice relaxing german commercial for an energy drink
A nice relaxing german commercial for an energy drink. Make sure your sound is on for this one.
Clicks [21999]

This dog rips at skateboardingThis dog rips at skateboarding
Check out this dog skateboarding...completely on his own. Unbelievable!
Clicks [5750]

The Pimp Shirt FoldThe Pimp Shirt Fold
This is the most pimp way ever to fold your shirts.
Clicks [5896]

The Real HummerThe Real Hummer
Seems to me this should be the commercial for the Hummer. Why the f don't we have these types of commercials in the States?
Clicks [6670]

Robert Deniro SNLRobert Deniro SNL
Robert Deniro plays the United States Homeland Security Advisor and talks about current terrorist threats.
Clicks [6451]

Making CopiesMaking Copies
Uhhhh....yeah. A fine ass (pun intended) euro commercial.
Clicks [7651]

Justin Timberlake skit of Punk'd on SNLJustin Timberlake skit of Punk'd on SNL
An SNL satire of Punk'd - starring Justin Timberlake as Ashton Kutcher.
Clicks [8410]

Doggy LoveDoggy Love
This pooch shows strong feelings for his lover.
Clicks [5745]

Star Wars KidStar Wars Kid
The original remix.
Clicks [4407]

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