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Daddy At The ParkDaddy At The Park
Predictable but funny nonetheless.
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Jack SchittJack Schitt
You don't know Jack Schitt? Watch and learn...
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South Park Joke - The AristocratsSouth Park Joke - The Aristocrats
The south park gang recites a very obscene joke. This is really bad.
Clicks [5497]

Save The AntelopeSave The Antelope
Conservationists are going to new lengths to save the antelope. I didn't know the antelope were having problems...
Clicks [4489]

Dump TroubleDump Trouble
This guy seems to be having trouble dropping his load.
Clicks [4598]

Bud Light HistoryBud Light History
The history of the bud light institute, an organization charged with keeping women occupied so men can go out with their friends and enjoy a few cold ones.
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Tell Your Friend?Tell Your Friend?
I am a little perturbed by the dude eating pop corn and watching his buddy try and score, but I think he should say something.
Clicks [4908]

Street InterviewStreet Interview
A couple on the street is interviewed about their craziest sexual experience. (with spanish subtitles for my latino friends)
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Go Daddy Superbowl CommercialGo Daddy Superbowl Commercial
Go Daddy exec Bob Parsons decided to let all it all hang out with this Superbowl Ad. The ad ended up getting yanked by the NFL and Fox before its planned second airing in the last half.
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City JumpingCity Jumping
It's the new fad. Get your Nike Shox out and start jumping.
Clicks [6203]

No Freaking FriesNo Freaking Fries
Jack tries to explain there are no freaking french fries.
Clicks [3906]

Whale lands on canoeWhale lands on canoe
This is some shotty footage of a couple of people canoeing. Most likely fake. If not this guy is stoked to have popped back up.
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