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Bad SantaBad Santa
Santa gets busted for drinking and sleighing. (aka SUI)
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Honest BossHonest Boss
Tuth be told. Here is what your boss is really thinking. This flash is a work of Hallmark.
Clicks [2201]

Crazy Christmas Light ShowCrazy Christmas Light Show
This guy has the Christmas Spirit...maybe too much.
Clicks [2691]

Rat MonsterRat Monster
A genetically engineered rat monster scares the shit out of PETA boy.
Clicks [3560]

SNL - Cork SoakersSNL - Cork Soakers
Do you soak corks?
Clicks [15033]

Going To Work: Friday Versus MondayGoing To Work: Friday Versus Monday
A perfect depiction of the feelings one has going to work on a friday verus on a monday.
Clicks [2809]

Waterbed TestWaterbed Test
This is pretty funny. But I don't think I would commit as quickly as these folks. Don't you normally first test a bed's feeling with your hands?
Clicks [3514]

Skeleton ManSkeleton Man
This Puppeteer kicks some serious butt...he deserves more coin than people are contributing....
Clicks [3465]

How to Steal GasHow to Steal Gas
This technique can certainly come in handy these days.
Clicks [4736]

Danny Way Jumps The Great Wall of ChinaDanny Way Jumps The Great Wall of China
Danny Way goes large jumping The Great Wall of China on his skateboard.
Clicks [3794]

Great commercial for Blaupunkt's stereo systems.
Clicks [4423]

Burning ParachuteBurning Parachute
If you don't get enough of an adrenaline rush jumping out of an airplane then light your parachute on fire on your descent.
Clicks [2829]

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