.: Interested in a link exchange?

I will entertain most requests and add you to the links page if you meet the following criteria:

  • Content - do we like your content or think our readers will
  • Layout - do you have a descent or unique layout
  • Updates - do you update somewhat frequently
  • Uniqueness - is there something you have that others don't...something that will attract people's attention
  • Free/Shitty Hosts - see below.

If I really like your site I will link you up on the main pages.

And please no Lycos, Angelfire, Geocities etc. sites. Get yourself a decent host for god's sake. I pay $40 bucks a year for a grip of bandwidth and a shitload of space plus all the features you could ever want in a host. Check out my host Surpass Hosting and tell 'em spitcircle.com sent ya. Be sure to let me know if you sign up.