Crazy Aussies Will Do Anything For Beer

Posted March 24, 2006 - PermaLink

Just yesterday I was contacted by an Aussie ex-inmate named Josh Roberts. Now he never really was an inmate but through ancestry all Aussies are ex-cons right? Maybe that is why they always call each other 'mates.' I wonder. Anyhow, Josh made a little bet with his friends that he could build a small site and get 1 billion page views. His friends scoffed him and decided to wager 20 cartons of Heinecken Lager Beer against Josh succeeding. Each carton is made up of 24 stubbies of beer making for 480 bottles of inebriation. However you price it that constitutes nearly $1000 worth of beer. Sweet.

Josh's site onebillionviews is up to 680,629 views as of this writing. Only 999,319,371 page views to go! Now you may think this is yet another sly ploy to make a few bucks, and it just may be, but either way Josh would be dumb not to try and benefit if for no other reason than to be able to pay for the beer if he loses.

I like the idea. It's based on beer, it involves the web, and it generates cash. Josh, you are brilliant. I give you 5 atta-boys.

Now go help Josh score some Heinekens. onebillionviews