Guys Should Have an Equivalent to Valentine's Day

Posted February 14, 2006 - PermaLink

BJ Day Spokesman Bill Clinton

Most sane people would agree, Valentine's Day is for the ladies. (If you disagree then click here) But what do guys get? Some women may argue Super Bowl is the guy's holiday but let's be realistic here. Guys have no equivalent. I think it's time we do.

So just what would such a holiday look like? This really is an easy question. Guys already know the answer and chicks might think they do. Most women are capable of knowing the answer but few come to realize it. It's called BJ Day. Just one day a year, under their own free will and with genuine enthusiasm, ladies shall surprise us with a courtesy, out-of-nowhere bl0wj0b. As well, all men shall be entitled to a bl0wj0b regardless of their relationship status. Hence, any man who he himself has not a lady to call his own shall receive, or at least have a better chance than is usual to receive, a courtesy bl0wj0b on BJ Day.

This holiday will not only be the most anticipated day on earth, it will also serve to silence those who feel most all holidays, in one way or another, serve the establishment and grease the wheels of capitalism. And ladies: it won't cost you a dime so stop complaining. Hooray for BJ Day.